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Your Voting Guide: Make a plan to Vote and Be The Change!

My artistic mission is rooted in the belief that each one of us is worthy of being seen and being heard.

That belief is also at heart of a vibrant democracy: No matter your party, no matter your race or religion, each one of us should be able to safely and confidently vote.

With that in mind, I’ve created the following guide to help make sure you’re registered and ready to vote. The information provided below is non-partisan and is offered in the spirit of supporting an active democracy for all.

P.S. -- If you want to show your support for lifting every voice and for my continued artistic mission to inspire each of us to see ourselves and others as works of art, check out my new,

Every purchase from this collection supports, a nonprofit, non-partisan effort to get out the vote and support an active democracy.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Get reading and MAKE A PLAN TO VOTE!

XOXOX, Sarah

Step 1: Get Registered

The election may seem far away, but if it's not too early for Halloween decorations to be popping up, then it's not to early to get ready to vote.

  • Check if you're registered here

  • Not registered? Register to Vote here

Step 2: Decide How to Cast Your Vote

Voting by mail?

Request Your Absentee Ballot here

If you’re having your ballot mailed to you, you can return it via mail or ...

  • Use a ballot drop box. Many states and counties provide ballot drop boxes as a secure and convenient option for voters to return their sealed and signed mail ballot. Drop boxes skip the mail process entirely, allowing voters to drop off their mail ballots and have them be taken directly to county offices. Boxes are placed in many convenient locations such as outside community centers, near public transit routes or on college campuses. Check with your local election office to see if there are ballot drop boxes in your community.

  • Drop off your ballot at an election office or polling location. Almost all states permit voters to return a delivered ballot in person at their local election office, but not everyone lives close to their election office. That is why many states allow voters to drop off their signed and sealed ballots at any in-person voting location in the county. Check with your local election office to see if you can drop off your ballot at a polling location closer to your home.

Voting in Person?

Mark your calendar for Nov 3 and bring your mask!

Not sure where to vote? Find your Polling Place here

You may be able to vote in person early ...

Early voting allows voters to vote in person without waiting in crowded or long lines. Forty-one states have some form of early voting in place and may start as early as 45 days before Election Day. Many states also have weekend early voting options. Make sure to check with your local election office to see if they extended early voting due to the pandemic.

Step 3. VOTE

Get an Election Reminder ...

Don’t miss your chance to vote and raise your voice! Click here to set a reminder.

Feeling Inspired?

And check out the Be The Change Fundraising Collection to support a vibrant democracy where every voice counts. ❤️

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