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You Are A Work Of Art

Eight years ago, I began a project to share the stories of strangers in the New York City subway. I told these stories through candid portraits drawn on-the-spot and drawn on the way.


Drawn On The Way is a celebration of the people and moments we often overlook in the rush of our day-to-day lives. It is a reminder to find the extraordinary in the everyday and a daily reminder that each one of us, just as we are, is worthy of being seen and worthy of being transformed into art. 


Now, with my daily subway commute and other adventures on hold, I want to tell the stories of another extraordinary set of strangers.

And I need your help to do it.  

The healthcare, food service, sanitation and other essential workers who are keeping the world safe and running; the people who are at the frontlines of this pandemic. I'd like to thank them and share their stories in the best way I know how, by turning them into works of art.


If you would like to nominate an essential worker (including yourself) to have their portrait drawn (and share their story), please fill out this form.


Portraits will be shared on my Instagram, as well as in a special gallery here on the Drawn On The Way website. 


Thank you, 


Sarah Nisbett

Artist & Founder, Drawn On The Way 

Nominate an Essential Worker 
Interested in a remote portrait session for your nominee via Zoom, Facetime or Instagram Live?
Please upload a photos of your nominee for reference.
Ideally, please share a photo without Masks/PPE as the aim is to show the person behind the mask. 
Upload Reference Photos Here

Thanks for submitting!

By clicking the submit button, you agree that your submission adheres to the guidelines below.  If you do not accept these terms, do not submit any content. 

  • Your Content must not be false, defamatory, misleading or hateful or infringe any copyright or any other third party rights or otherwise be unlawful.

  • You consent to an artistic work being created and shared based off the provided photos. Photos will not be share publicly and are for reference purposes only

  •  The contact details that you provide will be private and are used to verify your identity and answers to the questionnaire, as well as to contact you for further information on this story. If we publish Your Content, we may include your nominee's first name and last initial and location.

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