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About Sarah

Job Description :

Finding the extraordinary in the everyday.

A former opera singer and a self-taught live sketch artist and illustrator, Sarah Nisbett loves to draw the people, places and things she encounters “on the way.” Her Drawn On The Way project is dedicated to helping people find the extraordinary in the everyday and to see themselves and others as works of art. 


Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, she moved to New York City to pursue music. After a successful career as a professional opera singer, it was literally on the way to her next career in advertising that she discovered a passion for drawing on her daily commute. This daily detour led her to a full-time career drawing and writing. Both of which she likes doing. A lot. 


In her spare time, you can find Sarah outside riding horses (a lifelong passion), surfing, or working on her archery skills. If you’re looking for her inside, you might find her doing musical improv comedy, reading history books in search of the universal theory of everything, or visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When she’s not doing any of those things, she’s probably thinking about how much she loves dogs or what to cook for dinner.

drawn on the way illustrations
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