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The Week in Portraits

This week was a long one, as busy and swirling as the polar vortex that hovered over most of the country. We somehow moved out of January and into February -- a fact which only raised my blood pressure by 400 points when I thought about how there are just 11 more months to achieve all the goals I set for myself this year.

As I contemplate that (and breath into a paper bag) I should take a piece of my advice which this project has been so good at teaching me: it's the little moments along the way that are important to live in. Eleven months is a short time, but within that time are infinite moments of interest and opportunities to try and try and try again.

Here are a few of those little moments from this week.



Curly hair and a striped-textured scarf to keep the hands busy and the mind entertained.

Yes, I am the kind of person who takes her sketchbook out at a bar ... sigh. Sketched this on a bitter cold night while hiding out with friends, and beers and delicious fried treats at Wilfie and Nell's in the village.

Spotted this arctic explorer riding the subway.

Stopped by Bryant Park to watch the figure skaters on the only free ice rink in the city. I stayed for an hour or so until my hands were too cold to sketch. I bought a warm pretzel on the way home to heat them back up! ;0

Inspired to share a moment from Paris Fashion week, where model, Oslo Grace walked in the men's and women's looks for Kenzo. Getting excited to go to NYFW next week!

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Evan S
Evan S
Sep 25, 2021

Appreciate your blogg post

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