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Poems for Summer // Before It's Gone

Before the summer green fades into the golden hues of fall, take a moment to breathe in the warm air and perhaps peruse a bit of poetry.

Written by me, for you and also for me. <3

A prayer, a blessing, a reminder

You are not a memory

Foggy and uncertain.

You are very real.

Very alive.

You are here.

So claim this time

It’s not for anyone but you.

Channel yourself into life.

Go through it so deeply and with such joy

That it cannot deny you exist

Be here now

Turn the soil of your existence

so that each year does not weigh on the last

but rather feeds the next season

with deep nourishment

made from what was lost,

what was grown

and from seeds that never germinated.

Release yourself into life

And be caught up in it

so that the noise grows

so great and loud

it becomes silence.

You are not a memory.

You are very much alive.

My Brother’s Moon

The moon has been following me.

It beckoned me into the backyard the other night to see it shine,

not yet full, but totally resplendent in borrowed light.

The next night it rolled through the sky a bright orange.

It stood still for a moment, framed by the dark leaves of trees.

A full buck moon, hiding in the woods, looking me in the eyes.

Shivering with excitement, it paused for a moment and then,

with a great exhale, it rose again through the sky,

begging me to chase it.

An invitation,

not a charge like the sun which burns with demands.

The moon would not make any promises, but I was moved to swear myself to it

and I swam to the moon thought the blue black sky

I became like the tides, who obediently follow the celestial siren without ever abandoning the crashing power swirling within.

The moon has been following me. Resplendent in borrowed light, a mirror in the sky asking, What does it mean to be fully illuminated?


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