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Good Things

Updated: 3 hours ago

About a week ago, I began keeping a list of funny, heartwarming or helpful links that I wanted to share with you during these very strange times. I titled this list “Good Things,” and strangely, each time I saw that title, it cheered me. Originally, I thought I'd just share these as links in my stories, but I think they should have a permanent home here as a sort of informal directory of Good Things to lift your spirits.

I’ve organized this list semi-categorically, and will be updating it as I find new things. Bookmark this page and come back to it every once and a while when the news get overwhelming or when you need a reminder that there’s still plenty of beauty in this world and that we are all in this together. If you have something you'd like to submit, please email me at

So, here, in some order, is a list of things that prove that the world is indeed worth saving if we make it through this nonsense.

Good Things...

... In The Arts:

Marie’s Crisis, the popular is still playing strong. The coronavirus crisis has forced the beloved West Village live-piano, sing-along show tunes bar to close its doors for now. But in a typical display of communal spirit, the Marie's Crisis staff is soldiering on. Every night on the Facebook page Maries Group, the talented pianists who would normally be playing at the bar will be live-streaming their sets to audiences at home. All you need to do to be part of the nightly festivities is apply to join the group; it is normally closed, but is currently accepting all applicants.  --- Timeout New York

Yo Yo Ma can finally give you a private serenade in the comfort of your own home.

Watch This and try not to cry — or believe that music will save us all.

The Met Museum has over 5,000 years of art history inside their walls. While it's currently not able to open it's physical doors, you can access the entire museum online! Bonus you won't get lost and your feet will never get tired (unless you're at a standing desk!). If you want to take a tour of the Met Museum with me, then check out this blog post ...

If you finish with the Met museum and still want more, here's another 10 Museums You Can Visit Online

If you're missing things like concerts and lectures, the 92 Street Y is sharing new live-streamed concerts and events as well as highlights from their archives. They're also sharing family activities and ways for community to gather together online.

Watch improv from the comfort of your couch! The Magnet Theater is my improv home, offering all kinds of improv, including MUSICAL improv where teams make up a musical on the spot! Embracing the spirit of improv, the Magnet Theater has said "yes and" to the quarantine and is running live online shows on Twitch for just $1!

... For your Body:

You can work out for FREE and learn the basics of Muay Thai from one of the best instructors in NYC. Just in case this actually is the start of the apocalypse, now is a great time to learn a martial art. Bonus, you'll get that Quarantine body just in time for summer.

Take Pilates classes from your own home with the best instructor in NYC! Tara Gordon, owner of 212 Pilates, has taken her small studio online and can guide you through a workout at home. I've worked with Tara for years and can vouch for her careful and thoughtful approach to movement -- bad backs and other ailments are all safe here!

The Peaceful Peacock will be delivering as much yoga as they can right into your living room (or studio, or wherever you have enough room for Down Dog). Prices are discounted during this time, so why not give yoga a try and support a small business at the same time!

Hair help! What do you do when you're three weeks into quarantine and you desperately need a bang trim? Schedule a hair consultation or tutorial with Gabby Fishman of NYC salon, Takamichi. She can walk you through basic home hair maintenance (including beards and staches!) and teach you some new hair tricks. What better time to finally learn how to do your hair at home then when you are stuck at home? Contact Gabby via DM to set up your appointment.

... For your Mind:

How about a Week of Sanity? If you’ve been on the CORONAcoaster, feeling fine one minute and then crying into your pop tarts the next (POPTARTS are my comfort food, leave me alone) then you might like to sign up for a Week Of Sanity hosted by my sweet friend and movement teacher, Heather, Glidden. Each day she’ll be interviewing experts (including yours truly) in different areas to help find ways to experience calm (no pop tarts required) and distill meaning from this chaos.

If you want an escape from the real world, head to the ethereal world. Author, Amanda Mayer created a series of short stories (ranging from 3 to 10 minute reads) each one is inspired by a different episode of the Spirits podcast. If you're a fan of cryptids, folklore, ghost stories or just good writing, then you'll enjoy these charming and otherworld-inspired short stories.

Fashion illustrator Jessica Durant has a collection of work that will make you drool on your phone and look for space on your wall to display her prints. She's graciously offering FREE art classes every Wednesday. With over 600 people in her first class, she's clearly got something worth checking out. No special materials -- or talent-- required -- she's working with what folks already have at home!

Missing your regular manicure? ManiMe makes custom stick on nails complete with amazing nail art. They take about 10 minutes to put on and look like you spent hours in the salon. Bonus, they are giving free medical supplies and self-care kits to healthcare workers across the country. Double bonus, if you refer a friend you both get $5 credits! Triple bonus, they're hosting virtual manicure soirees on IG live.

Sports Casters are making real life way more fun and you don’t even have to watch (or like) sports to enjoy it! With no live sports, all postponed because of coronavirus, Nick Heath started commenting on everyday life as he saw it and shared the videos on Twitter. I promise this is the belly laugh that you need.

If you're looking for at home learning, a FREE TWO MONTH TRIAL of Skillshare is a great way to learn everything from how to make a quilt to how to make good spreadsheets. Bonus, when you sign up through this link -- you help support my business! I'm a Skillshare Ambassador and I'm paid a small referral bonus for each person who signs up through this link.

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore is a beloved institution in my hometown of Ann Arbor. They sell everything from crystals to cups of tea to books -- including my book, Good Boy! Speaking of books, now is a great time to shop their excellently curated ONLINE selection of thoughtful books featuring everything from self-help to coloring books. If you're already a fan, consider donating to their GoFundMePage.

If you have something you'd like to submit to the Good Things list, please email me at