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5 Easy Ways to Save The Post Office & (and send some fun snail mail! 💌)

The post office is in trouble and it needs an express delivery of funding and action to keep this public service, which was written into the constitution, going strong. Here's a quick recap of what's happening with the USPS and how to help!

The problem: In the last few weeks, USPS mailboxes have been locked up and relocated, postal worker's overtime hours have been cut, and mail-sorting machines have been removed. This directly effects the ability of the USPS to provide service to the American people and potentially jeopardizes their ability to manage mail-in-ballots and ensure that all Americans can vote -- including by mail.

A recent article in Good Housekeeping says that, "Despite the current rhetoric, there is no evidence to suggest that universal mail-in voting is tied to voter fraud. As of right now, there are only a handful of states that plan to move forward with universal mail-in ballots this November, including Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah, Washington, California, Nevada, Vermont, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia.

Even if you put universal mail-in voting aside, it's important to remember that many Americans, particularly those in rural areas with limited access to other delivery services, rely on the USPS to send and receive absentee ballots, prescriptions, and other time sensitive documents."

For many reasons, I am absolutely distraught about the attack on the USPS. As a business owner I rely on the USPS to provide affordable shipping. It would literally cost me twice as much to ship with private postal services. In an age when Amazon has made free shipping the default -- if I tried to pass on those increased shipping costs onto my customers, I know my business would suffer. If you're frustrated about what's happening and want to ensure that your mail-in vote (and the votes of fellow citizens) arrives in time, here’s what you can do.

5 ways to help save the USPS right now:

1. Contact your local representatives.

Track down their phone number or email, and leave them a message about why the USPS — and our democracy — needs the $25 billion it requested.

Or text "USPS" to 50409, and a letter will be sent to your local reps urging them to support Rep. Maloney's Delivering for America Act.

2. Submit your mail-in ballot ASAP.

If you live in one of the states with universal mail-in voting (listed above), fill out your ballot promptly and mail it back ASAP. The same goes for absentee ballots: Request your absentee ballot now (check your state's rules here), and send it by October 22.

3. Sign a petition.

4. Buy stamps and USPS Merch

Or ….

5. Buy a Postcard of Love! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

For just $5 you can support the USPS and send a postcard (that doubles as a print) to a friend! I’ll personally address and hand write a short note to your recipient on a beautiful 6x9" postcard that doubles as a print. I'll buy the stamp, stick it on there and pop some love in the mail on your behalf. You can also order a set of 5 pre-stamped postcards and send your own.

20% of the profits from this collection will be donated to @votedotorg, a nonprofit, non-partisan effort to get out the vote and support an active democracy.

Click any photo below to get shopping and share some ❤️!

Choose between two styles!

"You Are A Work Of Art" or "Three Little Birds"

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